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Have you seen it at West Elm and just love it, but want it a different color? STOP HERE. I'm probably not your guy.

Are you looking for a functional piece of artwork that will be cherished for generations? Something with meaning, thought, and craftsmanship? Something that two hands meticulously crafted in a small studio using techniques that've been all but forgotten in these days of mass manufacturing? 

That sounds a little more like something I'd like to discuss more with you. Let's have fun with this.



I can't compete with big box stores and generic off-the-shelf designs don't move me. I want to move you. These aren't temporary disposable things. Build to last. 
Wooden Pieces


Chipboard? Not no, but hell no. 

Fine, locally sourced (sustainably salvaged-- urban lumber-- when appropriate) hardwood timbers are hand selected. 

When needed for stability, veeners are hand stitched, hand laid, and wrapped around lumber cored baltic birch.

There's no messing around when it comes to quality and quality starts at proper material selection.

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